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We are a 3rd-party provider of packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and respins such as CentOS Linux , Scientific Linux, Springdale, Oracle Linux and similar projects.


Our goal is to provide high quality packages for Enterprise Linux releases 6 and 7 that are not presently in the base EL package sets nor in other third-party repositories. To assist user requirements for newer versions of packages in the base EL package sets we will be offering such newer versions in our "plus" repository. Please see our usage page for information on how to maintain sanity when using the psychotic-plus packages.

The packages we offer are tested, and, more importantly, used before they are made available to the public. All packages are signed with a 4096-bit GPG key (signature fingerprint: 0x4875A356) and the public key is available at and also here as well as on the public key servers.

As an aid in package identification we use a package disttag of '.psychotic'

Please note that there are no plans to support EL8.

Project Members:

Currently the project consists of the following members:

  • John R. Dennison

Contact Information:

Those wishing to get in touch with us can do so by one of the following methods:


Those that are interested in becoming a packager or contributing in other ways should read Contributing and then follow-up as necessary.

Requisite Disclaimer:

We assume absolutely no responsibility for problems that arise from the use of this repository. It is expected that people making use of the packages we provide understand the risks that go with using packages outside of the base distribution repository and are qualified to resolve any issues that may arise. This being said we will address problems with our packages if they are brought to our attention via our bugtracker.


The content of this wiki is still under development and we welcome any and all suggestions for changes / enhancements via our bugtracker.