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Our IRC presence currently consists of three primary channels on the Libera Chat IRC Network: #psychotic, #psychotic-meeting and #psychotic-announce. General discussion occurs in #psychotic. The #psychotic-meeting channel is reserved for project meetings. Finally #psychotic-announce is a moderated channel for automated announcements from the build system related to new builds, updates, releases, etc. While we encourage our users to stop by we do, however, ask that people abide by the following guidelines.

IRC Guidelines

  1. Please post in English; most of our packagers and volunteers are only fluent in English.
  2. Please use complete sentences and full words when conversing in our IRC channels. IM/AOLbonic nonsense such as 'u', 'r' 'ur' and similar travesties of the English language are not welcome.
  3. Keep conversations on-topic and related to Psychotic Ninja matters.
  4. We ask that you don't paste more than three lines. Please use our pastebin service for longer material.
  5. Do not use private messages to contact other members of the channel without first asking permission. It is considered by many to be rude and many users will ignore you if you do this.
  6. Avoid flame wars. Use your IRC client's /ignore feature if someone is giving you grief. You are always welcome to contact a channel operator for intervention if necessary. A list of channel operators is available by executing "/msg chanserv access $channel list" in your IRC client where $channel is one of #psychotic; #psychotic-announce; #psychotic-meeting.
  7. Do not ask to ask a question. Ask your question, and ask it smartly.
  8. If you don't get an immediate response, hang around. The channel users may be busy or away. Wait at least a half hour before asking the same question again.
  9. Apply common sense and courtesy.
  10. Always remember that project members are volunteers and support is not a right :)